Dissent in the plus size fashion ranks?

It doesn’t seem long ago that plus size blogging wasn’t a ‘thing’ and plus size fashion was very much on the outside. Now, thanks to some seriously awesome bloggers who have taken it upon themselves to show the world just how good they look in their chosen outfits, the fashion industry seems to have at last sat up and taken notice.

There’s probably more choice for plus size women in fashion now than there ever has been, and there’s no shortage of talented women ready to showcase the brands for free.

This is an F-word that’s rankling with a lot of the plus size blog scene, who are starting to get cheesed off with being taken for granted by brands and used as clothes horses for nothing other than a freebie frock. Most of the plus size fashionistas are talented writers and stylists with a way with a camera that I’ve never mastered, and if they were working for magazines they’d be paid a decent amount for the brilliant coverage they are giving the well-known fashion companies.

It’s not just about being paid; some quite frankly fabulous women (I’m talking about you, Perelandra and Leah) have spoken out about feeling disillusioned, and side lined by the companies they’ve been championing, for younger and more stereotypically hourglass shaped women. It’s almost as if the whole point of plus size blogs has been hidden under a mass of marketing spiel and the “It’s OK to be who you are, even if you’re fat and have tummy rolls” message is getting lost in translation.

Meanwhile, the gorgeous Callie Thorpe has announced that she’s going to be writing a column for Marie Claire - so some plus size bloggers are riding high.

FatPhrocks are a bit of a niche within the plus size fashion market anyway as they cater for taller women who are also plus size - we’ve always been a bit limited to which bloggers we can approach to review our frocks. There was a comment on the Facebook page recently about the models not being big enough for a plus size brand but in fact we use models up to a size 20 - they just look slimmer because they are naturally taller. But we do see your point.

It’s such a shame that older and larger plus size bloggers are starting to give up, or become disillusioned with the scene that was so vibrant a year or so ago. I guess like all things, as soon as it takes off and an opportunity is there, it gets marketed the hell out of and starts to lose some of its authenticity. But it would be a massive shame to lose some of the more diverse bloggers - they have always been such an inspiration to me!

What do you think?

Read Perelandra and Leah’s posts on the subject here:



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