My Big Fat New Year

My Big Fat New Year

How did you see in your New Year’s celebrations this year? I hope you enjoyed the night like I did, with a lot of cocktails, a bit of dancing and your best friends in the world for company. Did you get a new Year’s kiss at midnight? I do hope so. I couldn’t possibly confirm or deny whether I managed to grab a willing boy toy and welcome 2016 in drunken style…

The next morning was a little bit quieter…well, once I’d finally got out of bed to face the world. I have to confess to being in no fit state to plan my resolutions for the year to come until the day after New Year’s Day, as a hangover is not really conducive to planning life changes - whether they are sensible, positive or just daft and unlikely to make it into the second week of January.

Are you planning any changes? Have you been talked into giving up sugar by the media? Are you vowing to get your sorry behind to the gym and actually use that membership you pay for every month? Or are you the sort of person that sets positive, life-enhancing goals and plasters the images all over Pinterest?

I thought I’d let you in on a few ideas I’ve come up with. Of course, sampling more artisan gin and vodka are also high up on my list, but not really things I can count as life goals…not officially anyway!


I’m going to say “F*** flattering!” and wear new things

Are you guilty of reading those crappy articles that tell you what to wear to flatter your shape, height or age?

Eff them.

They are designed to make you feel as if you’re not good enough as you are. In reality, we are all perfectly entitled to wear anything we want to, and this year will be the year I change up my fashion styling and add more pizazz to my wardrobe. I love my FatPhrocks dresses of course, and I’m going to try new styles and looks, whether they are ‘flattering’ or go against the fat girl rulebook. If I look fat in something, it’s OK. I am fat. I’m also a hottie!

Wear a bathing suit.

I read the blogs and see the pics of plus size women who wear bikinis and swimsuits to the beach. I think they look amazing! I’ve never had a problem wearing a swimsuit to the pool for an Aqua Zumba work out or a swim, and I’m the first to strut around a spa pool but the idea of exposing my flesh to judgemental stares on the beach has been something I’ve avoided. I kid myself it’s just because I look so awesome in a sarong but this year I’m booking a summer holiday in a beach resort where I can proudly get my legs out and feel the sun on my skin. Just don’t expect me to do it in Bognor.

Be Grateful

I try to be body positive and most of the time, I am. But even I could do with a kick up the bum when it comes to appreciating the awesome body I’ve got. We spend so much time obsessing about what we can change that we sometimes forget to appreciate the things we love about our bodies, and what they can do.

Our bodies are not our enemies, our bodies are incredible. I’m going to focus on all the great things this body can do - it gets me up every day and gets me through a day in the office, it can run for a bus, it can give me a great orgasm, it can dance on tables…

When you think about it like that, a bit more of a good thing can’t be a bad thing, right?

Have a wonderful 2016 and stay with FatPhrocks!

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