I can’t believe it’s Christmas!

I can’t believe it’s Christmas!

Where did all the tinsel spring from, and why don’t I have all of my presents yet? Help!

How are you doing with your Christmas preparation? And are you eating everything in sight like I am? There’s way too many tempting treats around for me to be able to resist trying them, and you know what - it’s OK?

Years ago, I used to be scared to death of eating anything other than the crudités and dips at a work buffet. I couldn’t bear the thought of people watching me tuck into the mini sausages or prawn vol au vents and tut tutting at the fact I was eating dirty food when I was quite obviously fat. I’d sit timidly eyeing up the gateaux while sipping a mineral water in case the cheap wine weakened my resolve and I couldn’t resist stuffing everything covered in pastry that wasn’t nailed down.

These days I don’t give a crap. And the funny thing is, I don’t eye up rubbish like Pringles (aren’t they always a disappointment, though?) and Hula Hoops. I head straight for the stuff I really fancy and quite often that means I get a load of carrots and red peppers with dollops of hummus on the plate, along with the dainty little mini canapes that I’m a total sucker for. It may only be a chicken pie but if it’s a mini one I’m sure it tastes better.

You know what else, though? Nobody gives a crap what I’m eating. Not one person has commented on my food choices other than to say, “That looks delicious, where did you get it?”

You see, most people are way too worried about how they appear to other people that they probably don’t even notice your food choices. It’s like the days when you wear the same top to work two days in a row because you haven’t had a chance to do the laundry. What do you mean you never do that??? The thing is, you don’t remember what any of your workmates were wearing today, do you? Unless it’s hideous Christmas jumper day. So why think they are all judging you on your recycled t-shirt?

My Christmas message to you - like the Queen’s - is simple. Be yourself. Be who you are, do as you please, wear whatever makes you happy and enjoy every damn minute of Christmas and New Year!


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