We are the They Strikes Again!

(Image courtsesy of: http://www.wannabeprincess.co.uk/)

Sometimes, it really does seem that the Internet has an attack of the stupid, and a week ago was one of those days.

A blogger called Little Blonde Sammie was so horrified when she saw a TV show featuring plus sized brides trying to find their perfect dress that she took to her blog and started to complain about the fact that fat women were even allowed to have clothes in the first place. She said that she thought the availability of plus size fashion was encouraging people to think it was OK to be obese.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never looked at a top that’s three sizes bigger than my normal size in a shop and thought “I’d better put on some weight so that I can fit into this.”

That could be because finding anything much over a size 18 on the high street is like looking for hen’s teeth, but that’s not the point.

Of course, Little Blonde Sammie was called out by a whole host of feisty fabulous plus size hotties who pointed out the sheer ridiculousness of her argument, and the Twittersphere got quite heated as she ignored everybody who asked her why it bothered her so much that fat people got to wear nice things. She also didn’t understand the logic that as there WERE fat people, they needed clothes to wear, so if there were no plus size clothes available, there would be an awful lot of naked fat people walking around instead.

When it was last suggested by Jamelia that ‘they’ weren’t entitled to decent clothes, people of all sizes got behind a campaign started by Debz Aiken called We Are The They – the idea being that ‘they’ aren’t just a faceless entity, but real life people with stories, faces and fashion sense. The campaign deliberately included ALL sizes and so the very slim people that Jamelia also insulted by saying they shouldn’t be catered for on the high street either were actively encouraged to tweet pictures of themselves wearing gorgeous clothes and looking fabulous, as well as plus size and anyone in between who supported the idea.

Little Blonde Sammie revived the campaign and once again, plus size women (and the odd man) , and people of all sizes responded with some amazing images. Happy, smiling people just enjoying their lives rather than taking to Twitter and a blog to complain about other, fatter people being allowed to have what others take for granted.

The fuss has died down now but if you search the #WeAreTheThey hashtag (https://twitter.com/hashtag/wearethethey) you’ll find an amazing array of gorgeous women to inspire you, images that do much more for self-esteem at ANY size than snooty proclamations (from a tequila drinking, chip eating smoker) that fat people shouldn’t be encouraged to exist.

My advice to anyone who’s feeling a bit ‘meh’ is to check out that hashtag and look at all the smiles. Have a great week…

Debz blog post: http://www.wannabeprincess.co.uk/2015/10/we-are-they-and-were-here-to-stay.html

#wearethey #DebzAiken #BlondeSammie

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