Over the Shoulder Boulder Holders and Pull it all in Pants

I had the same old problem last week – the ‘I can’t find any nice undies’ problem.

It’s so hard, whether you’re average up top and bigger on the bum like me, or blessed with a cup that runneth over and an equally bodacious bootie.

Finding lingerie that makes us feel hot and sexy when we’re plus size can be a really hard thing to do without losing your rag and taking it all out on a mannequin in Debenhams.

If you’re going lingerie shopping, learn from my recent experience and good luck! I’d ask you to post a selfie so I can see how you did but that might be a bit wrong…

  1. Match it up – the best place to find matching undies is probably a specialist plus-sized lingerie retailer. It’s really annoying, especially if you’re in-between sizes, that plus sized clothes shops seem to just cater for larger back sizes - we’re not all built that way, are we? Department stores are even more frustrating with their pretty big bras – and matching pants that stop at a size 16. Specialist shops for fuller-busted women are often the same; somehow they assume that even if we’re blessed with a heaving cleavage, our bottoms will be small and pert. Shop around, and if you find somewhere, please tell us all where it is!

  2. When it comes to bras, getting the right fit is more important than anything else Get yourself properly fitted, young lady! The wrong sized bra can make you look really frumpy; it adds lumps and bumps and doesn’t give you the support your girls need. Get yourself measured up for a bra and you can walk on out of the changing rooms with your head, and your boobs, held high.

  3. Larger cup size bras are not all made equal. Look for specialist ranges with engineering designed for women with a bigger bust, rather than scaled up versions of little boob bras, as they will provide a bit of support whereas bigger versions of ‘normal’ bras canquite literally be a bit of a flop.

  4. Make sure it feels comfortable to wear. Move about a bit, raise your arms in the air, wiggle your arse. We all have undies that looked fab when we tried them on, but we never wear them because we’re constantly pulling the knickers out of our bottoms and hoiking the bra strap back up.

  5. If you have a bigger tummy and don’t feel comfy showing it off yet, go for briefs or knickers that aren’t fitted to the waist. Tummy control pants don’t always help if you have a larger tummy, it depends where they cut in and if you’re a bit tummy-phobic the last thing you want is a roll, or a muffin top to deal with. Go with what feels good.

  6. Lace it up – even the dullest knickers look a bit ooh la la with a lace trim. A lacy panel in your knickers makes them look and feel glamorous and that’s how you want to feel, right?

Good luck!

#plussizeknickers #bigbras

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