Fat People in Films

Rumour has it that Renee Zellwegger is back in the UK to start filming the third Bridget Jones instalment - Mad About the Boy - and she’s also as slim as ever, which has led to speculation that she’ll be playing our heroine with a fat suit this time around. A fat suit!? Ugh.

I always think she looks lovely as Bridget with a few pounds on, and she’s only around a size 12-14 when she’s playing the part naturally anyway, so she’s hardly being asked to become morbidly obese. Still, Hollywood isn’t a great fan of chubsters, unless they are Melissa McCarthy or Rebel Wilson who have enough sass and confidence to be themselves on the big screen without feeling that they have to lose weight. Still, they always play ‘the fat girl’ and they’re expected to make self-deprecating jibes at themselves and their disgustingly fat bodies at every point possible during the film, just to remind us that they are FAT.

Almost every joke in ‘Tammy’ was about Melissa McCarthy’s weight. Yes, we get it, she’s fat. She falls over stuff. She likes her food. There are jokes about pies, Cheetos and vending machines just to make sure we know she’s fat because she eats too much and not as a result of some unusual genetic malfunction.

Rebel Wilson in Pitch Perfect? She’s Fat Amy. Not even just Amy. OK she’s fat and funny, fat and confident, a fat girl with a fabulous personality, but she’s still FAT Amy.

It’s like that in most films with those two. The only plus size Hollywood star I can think of right now who’s famous for playing a character not just defined by her size is possibly Gabourey Sidibe, whose role in Precious won her a well-deserved Oscar.

Fat People in Films

Quite possibly the worst ever case of a fat woman in a leading role was ‘Shallow Hal’ which was made a million times more awful by the fact that it was Gwyneth Paltrow. In a fat suit. Breaking chairs and wearing very big pants.

The only thing that could have made the film worse was if the male lead role was played by Jack Black. Oh, wait…

Of course, the film posters all show Gwynnie as thin Rosemary and not the ugly fat version.

The whole premise of Shallow Hal was horrible. Man only fancies thin women, is hypnotised by Tony Robbins into seeing inner beauty and falls in love with a pretend fat version of Gwyneth Paltrow because he’s been hypnotised into seeing her as beautiful when she is really fat, ugly and clumsy. Fat people are ALWAYS clumsy.

How about this for a killer quote?

Rosemary: “Hal, do me a favour and stop saying that I'm pretty and that I'm not fat, ok? Cause it makes me uncomfortable.”

Hal: “Umm, ok. Do you have a problem with compliments?”

Rosemary: “Look, I know what I am and I know what I'm not. I'm the girl who, you know, gets really good grades and who's not afraid to be funny. And I'm the girl who has a lot of friends who are boys and no boyfriends. I'm not beautiful, ok, and I never will be. And I'm fine with that. But when you go around saying I'm something that I'm not, it's just, it's just not nice.”

Doesn’t that just make you want to throw up? Because fat girls can’t be beautiful or pretty, right?

Jeez, I hate that film.

Wouldn’t it be great just to see fat actors and actresses in films that DON’T have to apologise for their size? Or who are just part of the cast with no mention of the fact they aren’t Hollywood perfect sizes?

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