The Dad Bod

So we ladies have majestic plus size models like the gorgeous Tess Holiday to admire if we’re not ever going to be able to rival the skinnier catwalk models, but what about men? Do men feel a bit left out in all the plus size body acceptance?

I’d say that men are a way behind as they don’t really get judged like women do on their weight. It’s women who are slated by trash rags like the Daily Mail about their baby weight and side boobs, while men as a rule tend to escape too much criticism if they display a bit of moob on the beach. But the ‘Dad Bod’ movement – started by a blog post that went viral in July – is pushing the cuddly agenda and suggesting that most women are just as happy with a David Brent as they would be with a David Gandy or Beckham.

I quite like a cuddly bloke, to be honest. A super-toned, defined fitness freak with abs to die for might look great on an underwear advert but in reality I think I’d be a bit put off by bodily perfection – even if he said he loved me in all my plus size glory, I’d still worry that he looked at my squidgy bits and judged me on my appreciation for pizza and wine. A bit of a tum means that we can enjoy the naughtier things in life together and there’s no need to feel guilty about skipping a gym session.

Mackenzie Pearson described the Dad Bod as "a nice balance between a beer gut and working out". A physique that hints at occasional gym sessions along with pizza and beer at the weekend.

You don’t actually have to have kids or be a certain age to possess a dad bod either; it’s OK if you get the look while you’re still in your twenties!

There’s already a hashtag featuring fine specimens showing off their look on Instagram – check out "Collegedadbods" - the homage to regular guys in all their glory.

On the Gorgeously Full Fat Facebook Page this week, one gent expressed his frustration at the way women are now being accepted in all sizes (well, we’re getting there slowly) but in his opinion, men are still looked down on for being plus size. He said,

“I’m all for loving your body; however why is it seen more acceptable to be larger if you are a woman? Bigger men are treated like absolute crap and if we posed in our 'smalls' there would be no end of nasty comments.

“It seems to be coming more acceptable for women to flaunt what they have, and good on them I say, come on men, get your bellies out!”

What do you think? Is it more acceptable for men to have a dad bod now? Or do you agree that men posing in their undies without a six pack would be laughed at and/or insulted?

#dadbod #beerbelly #malemodels

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