International No Diet Day – blink and you’ll miss it

Did you know it was International No Diet Day on 6th May?

No, most people didn’t.

In the past few years there’s been a lot more media coverage of the day, but it seems to me as if the media has put a blanket ban on suggesting that diets don’t work, and instead ran scare story headlines on Wednesday 6th about a ticking obesity time bomb that would mean two-thirds of women will be overweight by about 2020.

If you read the article a bit further, the report also mentions the same fate is likely to befall three quarters of men, which by any reckoning is more than two thirds. Even with my ropey maths. But only women need to worry about being fat, of course!

I wonder why the INDD was so under the radar this year? Perhaps with people like Tess Holliday and Ashley Graham being in the headlines in the last two weeks, it wasn’t seen as important? Or maybe they just don’t want to encourage us fatties? Who knows?

No Diet Day was supported in previous years by organisations like B-eat, but there’s not been anything on their website this year. Also organisations like Health at Every Size have historically been supportive of INDD but….radio silence apart from a tweet from HAES UK and a very old link. SURELY people don’t think that just because we have a size 24 model and a few (very lovely) plus size bloggers, that dieting doesn’t need to be discouraged?

EVERY bloody fat woman (and man) I know has been on more than one diet. In fact most fat women I know and a fair number of women who just think they are fat, have been on diets. Fat is to be scared of, fat is worse than anything else you could possibly be. The difference in attitudes astounded me (and severely pissed me off) the other day when I saw two articles in the news, one about Georgia Taylor, a 22 year old, 55 stone woman who had to be winched out of her house by a crane – and a woman who had been severely anorexic to the point of reaching around four stone and almost dying.

BOTH women were ill, both were suffering from eating disorders, both could have died. Which one do you think got the sympathy and which one was called all the names under the sun and told it was her own fault?

No, B-eat, HAES and everyone else in the body-positive movement. The war is not won because a few people agree that Tess Holliday is HOT. The war is far from over…

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