Plus Size Wars? So who’s fighting?

Georgina Horne in one of her Lady Voluptuous designs…

I couldn’t let this week’s ‘Plus Size Wars’ documentary go by without passing my comment on it, as so many people are all over the Internet.

The documentary, shown on Channel 4, featured some well-known bloggers and plus sized models who’ll be instantly recognisable to anyone who likes the FatPhrocks Facebook page. If you missed it, here it is:

FatPhrocks loves plus size bloggers and likes to share their blogs and what they are up to. Which is cool. Keeping up with the page myself means that I spent the whole hour pointing out people I recognised to my flat mate…

Anyway, there were no big surprises from the documentary. There was some interesting stuff about Yours and Evans, and how they choose their fashion lines, and of course we got to see the majestic Tess holiday in her lingerie shoot and meet and greet too. That woman is freaking fabulous. Not to mention drop dead gorgeous and with the most amazing cheekbones I’ve ever seen.

It was great to see Georgina Horne, too, from Fuller Figure Fuller bust (above) Callie Thorpe - and Bethany Rutter from .

Despite the fact that the editing made it look as if the girls were divided by Georgina’s decision to lose a bit of weight for her wedding (she only wanted to be a size 14/16, we aren’t talking a complete about-face here) anyone who uses Twitter like I do knows that all three are good mates. Earlier in the day, we had Phillip Schofield laying into Callie on This Morning about diabetes, and trying to get Natasha Devon from Body Gossip to disagree with her about the term ‘plus size’ – never seen two opposing sides of the This Morning opinion sofa getting on so well and agreeing so much!

So, where did the ‘Wars’ come from? The plus size bloggers all seem to genuinely like and support each other, even when one of them is pulling away from the plus size label and losing weight. The plus size blogger (Callie) who thought that the term was completely find and should stay was very respectful to the body image campaigner (Natasha) when she disagreed with her on its effect on young girls.

The only people I’ve seen being hostile are the NON plus-sized people to the plussies. Phillip Schofield having a go at Callie. The Daily Mail columnist calling a perfectly nice documentary ‘terrifying’ because it showed plus sized people having a laugh and wearing nice clothes instead of crying into their cake. Jamelia spouting nonsense on Loose Women and suggesting that plus sized women deserved to feel bad and shouldn’t be catered for in normal high street shops. Anna Shillinglaw, the MiLK model agent, suggesting that the only plussies she wanted on her books were 14/16 with a flat stomach; until Tess Holliday came over to the UK and she realised how many followers she had on social media. Ker-ching!

Oh, and don’t get me started on the comments and Tweets online.

The war is still raging – but the tide is turning girls…

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