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It’s that time of the year again, and it’s doing my head in. All over the media the message is loud and clear, and that message is that ‘Fat girls, you aren’t good enough, get down the gym!”

Look, I have nothing against the gym. Unless it’s the TRX Machine in which case I ain’t going anywhere near that baby, ever again. But why is it that everyone assumes fat girls exercise, or that if we do, it’s just so we can lose weight? Ben there, done the treadmill time, didn’t work.


I do like going to some of the classes at the gym – you can keep your spinning and the Power Plates just feel a bit odd, but I do like the Yogalates and the Body Pump (they are both completely different but I love them both).

I hate all the pressure to get skinny for summer. Of course the diets are even worse with their nasty pictures of celebs pre and post juice diet or whatever stupid plan they are being paid to endorse. Can’t people see that we’re in the grip of a mass eating disorder epidemic here? I don’t mean we’re all anorexic or bulimic, I mean there’s a creeping obsession with food, calories, weight, size, fat, sugar or whatever the latest villain is, and we’re all getting so confused about what we should and shouldn’t eat that we’re just getting fatter and more stressed about it.

It’s the same with keeping fit. Fitness should be about doing stuff you enjoy doing, at your level of fitness and ability. So if you want to walk in the park, take the dog out to play ball, go for a walk with the kids and that’s it…do it. Don’t stress that you’re not doing enough, book yourself onto an aerobics class and end up sore and miserable. Do stuff you enjoy and have fun with it. I’ve got a hula hoop which I bought a while back because it sounded like loads of fun – it probably would be if I had enough room to use the damn thing and I could get past 4 minutes without it clattering to the floor and me swearing at it…but I bought that just because I saw someone doing it on a video online and it looked like fun. Plus I can wiggle my ample hips so well that I can keep about four hoops going on the Wii Fit, but since I stopped using that and the batteries leaked into the console, I think I might have to dust off the real thing and hide anything breakable.

I love swimming – there’s something so stress-busting about gliding along and feeling supported. I love the fact I can swim and not get sore feet or blisters, and I can keep going for bloody ages when I’m in the water. I don’t give a bugger about what people think of me in my swimming costume either. I look hot, of course!

So, don’t let the magazine bullies shame you into thinking you have to get to the gym and put in some serious treadmill time before you can be accepted as a normal human being. Get fit if you feel like it, be as active as you like to be and enjoy what you do. It’s your body, your rules.

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