Getting to know...Betty Pamper

Getting to know….Betty Pamper

Betty Pamper is the iconic life and style blogger that many plus size ladies would love to be. She’s not only a writer and a blogger but also a talented make-up artist and helps to run the successful Nicky Rockets T-shirt company, which has produced some rather fabulous designs featuring plus size icon Curverella.

Betty took some time out of her busy schedule to talk to us about her life and style recently, and we thought we’d share her thoughts with you.

“I always choose the clothes I review and over the years have learnt not to accept items I am less than keen on-it’s just a cop out. That said because I am often working with brands who are keen to showcase their latest collections, so season trends do often inform my outfit posts. My aim is always to put my own interpretation on these styles so they suit me and feel unique.

“A tiny bit of personal theatre”

With such a unique style, and well documented online, we wondered where Betty got her inspiration from.

“All kinds of places,” she explained.

“Old Hollywood movie stars, photos of Patti Smith, Stevie Nicks and then the usual sources such as glossy fashion magazines.

“I also live on Merseyside where fashion is everything so street style is a huge influence. When I plan an outfit I always have a theme or look in mind and do make sure all my accessories work within that and match my hair and make-up too. It’s like a tiny bit of personal theatre.”

So many companies want Betty to review their products (she’s reviewed Wingz, too) we wondered whether she really loved everything she was asked to review? Does she ever get asked to review an item that she really doesn’t like?

“It does happen from time to time. I simply return outfits I know I can't make work or I feel the price tag just doesn't match the quality.

“I'm always polite as the person arranging the review is rarely the designer, and touch wood it happens very rarely. Some bloggers will review things they don't like and say why and that's really useful but for my part I just don't want to take the time with photos and writing on an item I don't love.”

Betty’s YouTube channel has hundreds of avid followers, so naturally we asked her about how to achieve some of the looks she showcases on the blog. Her advice was to check out her regular make-up tutorials at:

“I like to debunk the myth that some people are naturally good at applying make-up whilst others aren't. It’s just practice and knowing a few good techniques,” she explained.

“I love make up, it is like alchemy to me. Every morning I transform myself from an ordinary middle aged woman into a glamorous Hollywood inspired siren (well my interpretation of) it’s just magic. My main tips would be to make sure you change the type of make-up you use as your skin changes with age and lifestyle. As you hit your thirties and forties look for make-up which has light reflecting particles in and switch to matte eye shadows. It’s also a fallacy that you should wear less make up as you get older. I actually think you need more but applied with a gentler hand.”

"The higher the hair, the closer to God"

Some of Betty’s looks definitely hark back to the glamour and style of the fifties - Betty says that she has loved the era for many years but tries to put her own interpretation on it to avoid looking like she’s stepped out of an early episode of Mad Men!

“I have always been obsessed with the glamour of the 1950's and have been wearing a version of that for many years. I have no interest in looking like I should be in a re-enactment day though, so I channel the latest season trends into that look but in terms of cut and shape the 1950's silhouette is the one I love.”

“I realise it’s a concept that has been done to death but vintage inspired looks do favour the fuller figure. The 1950s particularly was an era which embraced femininity and an hourglass figure so it is more accessible if you are a big boobed, large hipped hottie. That said I also find the 1960's quite inspiring particularly the hair. To steal from Dolly Parton "The higher the hair, the closer to God"

Betty is excited about the way plus size fashion is going at the moment, and has high hopes for the future.

“The exciting thing now is that for the first time plus size women have the choice to try out any look they want as the clothes are available and are much more affordable. In terms of looks I would like to see, I spend a lot of time with other plus size bloggers who are all fiercely stylish, and for my part I am increasingly obsessed with texture and colour so think my dream look is a homage to Frida Kahlo and Carmen Miranda-watch this space!”

Betty’s advice to plus size women who want to experiment with their style but aren’t sure how to get started is to start small.

I'm a great believer in taking baby steps with your style evolution. Accessories are a great place to start. Even adding a jaunty scarf or statement necklace to an otherwise "safe" outfit can really lift it, and as your confidence grows and the compliments flow you will start to feel more outgoing in your choices.

“Personally, I find reading other plus size fashion blogs really inspiring. Seeing how other fat chicks put outfits together sort of gives me permission to do it too, which in the early days is important. Nowadays I need no such encouragement in fact I probably need less!”

Mister Truffles the Plus Size Pug

Betty’s blog is full adorable images featuring semi-famous pug, Mister Truffles. So, how did the pet come to get his name?

“Ah Mister Truffles, the plus size pug. Well my little girl who we brought Mister Truffles for wanted to call him "Truffles" as she thought the sound Pugs make is like a truffling pig.

“When we went to meet him he was such a camp little character we all said that he looked like he should be wearing a top hat and a cane and from that we decided he was definitely a "Mister Truffles"

If you want regular updates from Betty, check out her blog Pamper and Curves at or follow Betty on





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