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I’ll be glad when January is over with, you know?

I’m not a fan of this time of the year anyway, not with the cold and wet weather, the long wait for payday and the fact that nobody wants to come out to play after work because they are all doing ‘dry January’. Boring! What always makes it worse is that on top of the usual ‘meh’ of January, the TV schedulers always seem to think we want to watch programmes about diets.

Well, it used to be all diets and weight loss. That was bad enough. Now it’s ‘Pick on a fat person’ month, with horrific programmes about people who are fat and on benefits, people who are too fat to go out of their house, and all the usual “Obese: a year to save my life” stuff. Thank the Lord we aren’t being hit with a bloody new series of 'The Biggest Loser' as well. That would just be too much.

I refused point blank to watch Katie Hopkins gobbing off about fat people in her “If I can lose weight, so can you” show. I won’t call it a documentary. She thinks it was an experiment to prove how easy it was to lose weight, when in fact all it was, was a personal experiment that proved how easy it was for her, a woman who had been overweight (and not fat) for around five minutes in her entire life, and then went back to normal again by doing what she usually does.

Now the silly bint has popped up on Celebrity Big Brother as well. Is there no reprieve from the hideous Internet troll? Anyone who makes their money from being nasty to people and unpleasant in general can’t be a happy person, that’s what I tell myself.

The best (or worst) one I’ve seen on the listings so far is the one where two fat people are competing to win each other’s money to spend on whatever they want, the one that loses the most gets a spending spree courtesy of the loser’s cash! It’s called ‘Weighing up the Enemy’.

Yep, really. What genius thought that one up? Ah, I see, it’s Dr Christian, the moralising “I’m really your friend, honest” doctor who presented that other gem of a TV show “Supersized –vs- Superskinny”

Apparently, the idea behind the programmes is that: “Rival dieters compete to tackle head on the main reason for diet failure, lack of motivation”

Really? And there was I, thinking that diets fail because they don’t work. Are you telling me that a morbidly obese person, who is bed-ridden, has no motivation to want to lose weight? Of course they want to lose weight. It’s just that diets don’t work. End of. How anyone can think that a 95-98% failure rate makes a product worth trying I don’t know.

Can you tell the subject pisses me off?

Luckily most of this stuff is short run and will be off our screens by mid-February. But surely they realise that constant TV shows about fatties and diets aren’t going to help anyone? If watching lardy ladies (and gents) being shamed into losing weight on telly made us slimmer, there would be no fat people left any more.

What do you think? Do you watch these shoes? Do you enjoy them? Do you think they help you make good health choices or do they just get on your nerves? Post here or in Facebook and let me know!

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