New Year, New Man

New Year, New Man

Wow, that was quite a Christmas!

How are you all, did you have a good one? I certainly did. Do you remember I was talking about the guy I had the hots for at the Christmas party? Well, forget him, he was married. I did get a kiss under the mistletoe from him before I found that out, mind you, but I soon lost interest when I heard about his wife and kid…ouch!

Still, onwards and upwards, and I was out with the girls after Christmas and we were joined by a group of lads who were friends of a friend. One of them was staring right down my cleavage and then had the decency to act embarrassed when I caught him, and I’d had a few glasses of mulled wine by that point so I started teasing him.

We ended up talking and messing about most of the night, and I put my number in his phone before he left to go on to a club that I didn’t feel like going to. In all honesty by that point in the evening I’d had way more than a few glasses of wine and the idea of a club wasn’t one that filled me with deep joy. And my feet were bloody killing me as I was wearing the killer heels I’d worn to the Christmas party with my jeans and could hardly walk even without the alcohol…

I have to admit I didn’t feel too great the next day. In fact I didn’t get out of bed most of the day and was seriously contemplating starting an early New Year detox, so when I got a text from the cute guy from the night before, it perked me up no end. He’d been out till 3 and wasn’t feeling much better himself. He asked me what I was doing on New Year’s Eve, and to cut a long story short his group of mates ended up meeting up with mine and we had a fantastic night. And a little kiss at midnight.

I haven’t seen him since although we’ve been texting, but I reckon I will. I feel like a teenager, he’s been seriously appreciative of my assets and what’s more he’s about six feet four so I don’t feel short next to him! He’s really chunky, probably a bit on the chubby side which I really like, and he’s just like a great big teddy bear with a sense of humour.

Meeting a new bloke always brings out the weight consciousness in me but I’m determined that I won’t get shy with him, and I’m not going to do that awful ‘does my arse look big in this’ routine that some women do. Usually the ones who aren’t fat! No, I’m going to see where this leads and enjoy it, and I’ll let you know how it goes….I reckon it was that Curvy Kate sexy undies that did the trick – how can a girl NOT feel sexy in nice undies?

Happy 2015!

(PS: Don’t forget #Youarefab on 7th January!)

#youarefab #happynewyear

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