You are FAB

You are FAB

You might have seen a snarky little campaign started by that odious creature Steve Miller, who thinks that just because he had a TV show where he shouted at fat people, he’s a weight loss expert.

Steve has decided that after a few weeks of feasting and supping over Christmas, by January 7 we all need a kick in the pants, and so he wants it officially designated as ‘Tell a friend they’re fat day’. Apparently this is for our own good. He's even writing to health secretary Jeremy Hunt to ask that the ‘day’ be made official.

Have you ever needed the fact that you’re not skinny pointed out to you? No, me neither.

Just so you know, anyone who thinks it’s a good day to tell this particular friend how fat she is will be instantly taken off the Christmas card list and never spoken to again. Just how are the perfect slim minority supposed to impart this information anyway?

“Oi, fatso, go on a diet!”

This is supposed to help your friend kick start their weight loss. You telling me I’m fat is going to send me scurrying out to get the Slim Fast in. Not.

It’s such a load of crap anyway. Being shamed about weight and size doesn’t make people slim. In my case, when I was younger especially, if you called me fat I’d have burst into tears and headed straight for the chocolate aisle in the corner shop.

There was a report released in September this year by the Obesity Journal, which categorically said that fat shaming is not helpful and does nothing to encourage weight loss. As we can probably all identify with, it actually has the opposite effect, making people gain weight through comfort eating after being made to feel so freaking awful about themselves. If making fat people feel shitty about their size worked as a way of making them lose weight, there would be no fatties left, the amount of bullying we’re subjected to just about everywhere these days.

So, the lovely ladies of SLiNK Magazine have come up with an antidote to the nasty little man’s big plan to humiliate as many fatties as possible in the New Year, and have started a ‘You Are Fab’ campaign.

It’s dead simple – all you have to do is Tweet / Facebook or Instagram a friend (preferably more than one) with the #youarefab hashtag and the reason why. I think this is a brilliant idea and I’m totally up for doing this to all the brilliant, amazing men and women in my life on 7 January


Are you in?

#youarefab #youarefab

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