Your Four Week Christmas Party Dress Plan…

Your Four Week Christmas Party Dress Plan…

It’s all over the papers, magazines and Internet.

“Lose a stone for Christmas”

“Get into that slinky party dress”

“Tone up in time for Christmas!”

Sod off.

It’s the same every year, right? Women are told they must lose weight for Christmas so they go on a diet for a few weeks, lose a bit and then stuff their faces as soon as they are let off the leash over Christmas and New Year.

Then it’s the New Year, New You diet to get rid of the previous year’s extra flab and whatever was accumulated in the two weeks (at least) you ate constantly because it was Christmas. You probably get bored with that so then you try and give up chocolate (again) for Lent. And eat your bodyweight in Crème Eggs over Easter.

By the time we get to spring, the insidious holiday weight loss diet reminders are out there. Months and months of ‘get your best beach body’ until it’s September, then a bit of a rest until the Christmas diets start.

Can you see how frickin’ ridiculous this is? Take Christmas. I love, love, love Mini Toblerones and I have a box in my kitchen right now that I bought two weeks ago, technically they were to put away till Christmas but that never works and I’ve dived into them already. I don’t feel obliged to scoff the whole lot just because I’m ‘allowed’ though, and I wasn’t saving them because I am on a diet, I saved them because I thought they’d do for Christmas film-watching. But sod it, they are likely to all be gone by Christmas so you know what? When they are gone, I’ll bloody well get some more!

If I’d been on a diet, waited until the last minute and then ‘allowed’ myself to eat mini Toblerone, I’d probably have scarfed the entire box in a day or so. Even the black ones. Then I would have felt really sick and started to berate myself for having no control blah bah blah.

It’s the crappy diets and constant messages to control ourselves, lose weight and look perfect that make us do stupid things like eat big boxes of Christmas chocolates in one sitting without really noticing them.

Give yourself a BIG Christmas present this year and don’t jump on the diet bandwagon. If you don’t ban anything, don’t restrict the foods you eat and just have whatever you fancy, you’re very unlikely to get the urge to scoff all the Quality Street in one go, or eat manky sausage rolls when you don’t really like them much anyway. Be choosy!

Try the new tasty Christmas foods when you fancy them, enjoy them, move on. That way, you won’t binge on them, and you can avoid the diet for a few weeks, binge for a few weeks and diet for a few more weeks to get back to where you were originally….go on, you know it makes sense…

PS: Have you entered the Wingz competition yet? The black lace ones were reviewed by Fashion Mom (AKA Emma Iannarilli) this week and she recommended them for Christmas parties!

Competition: - Good luck!!

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