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Can you believe the way that poor Renee Zellweger is being pulled to pieces in the media?

I love Renee. I particularly loved her when she was Bridget Jones, and I think she looked really cute as a mini-chubster. I say mini-chubster as she was only a size 14 at the time, but we all knew she had to chuck on a few extra pounds to get properly into the role. And good on her for doing that, it certainly looks way better than Gwyneth Paltrow did in that ridiculous fat suit when she played the fatty in Shallow Hal. That just looked vaguely deformed, rather than fat and I also admit to reserving a special area of complete hatred in my heart for that patronising cliché fest of a film. Heave!

But yes, Renee. She’s 45, and everyone knows that a woman over the age of 35 is pretty much over the hill in Hollywood terms. She’s been a bit quiet of late, so when she appeared on the catwalk for the first time in six years, she was probably hoping for something a little more positive than a full scale dissection of her face over the years, complete with pictures from the first Bridget Jones film, which she would have filmed in 2000. Almost fifteen years ago, FFS! I’ve changed in 15 years (well, I was still in my teens) and anyone would change a lot from the way they look at 30 to how they look at 45. It’s called ageing, people. And what happens to women in Hollywood as they age?

That’s right, they become invisible, unless they have extremely good genes or a surgeon to hand that can make them LOOK as if they have good genes. At 45, Renee isn’t yet in the gilded cage of Helen Mirren, who has just been announced as the face of L’Oreal. No, she’s at the awkward age where she’s too old (in Hollywood years) to play eye-candy and too young to play character parts. So you can hardly blame her if she decided she wanted to have a bit of work done. She says that she didn’t, most people think she did, I say – who gives a f*ck?

The media will always find a way to make women in the spotlight feel ugly, so it wouldn’t have mattered either way. If she’d had nothing done and appeared on the red carpet with minimal make up, looking natural and 45, the headlines would have castigated her for ‘letting herself go’. She’s already been a victim of the skinny police when she lost the Bridget weight and became “painfully thin” but if she hadn’t, she would have just been endlessly splashed over low rent trash mags as an example of what happens to actresses when they get fat.

Women CANNOT win.

In my opinion, this gives us all the absolute right to look however we please. Look your age if you want, there is NOTHING wrong with showing the world you’ve lived a bit. Have work done if you feel like it. Just get a good surgeon and don’t let him make you look weird. Be free to be whatever weight you feel at home in. If you’re naturally a size six, no amount of ‘real women have curves’ is going to make you different, so embrace that and be who you are. If you’re a big girl, ditch the diets, look after every inch of that bodacious booty and be the person you are instead of trying to be someone you think you should be.

The only person you really need to please is YOU.

#renee #hollywood

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