What has Kate got that Kim would pay good money for?

What has Kate got that Kim would pay good money for?

No, it’s not Prince William.

It’s hCG.

Kim, she of the bounteous booty, is reported to be so desperate to shift what’s left of her baby weight that according to Grazia magazine, she’s resorted to a semi-legal and very controversial programme of hCG injections. If you were wondering, hCG is a hormone made by pregnant women’s bodies (human chorionic gonadotropin, if you’re interested in the science bit) and when it’s combined with a blink and you miss it 500 calorie a day diet, the weight drops off.

It’s high levels of hCG that cause women like Kate Middy to throw up violently and constantly, as they cause the horrible Hyperemesis Gravidarium that makes some women spend the entire nine months of being pregnant with their head over the loo. I suppose that could make you lose a lot of weight after all, throwing up for nine months – and I’m sure Kate would be quite happy to have some of her hCG siphoned off…

Quite apart from the fact that hCG is licenced as a fertility treatment (in the US) and nothing else, it doesn’t take a genius to come to the conclusion that actually, it’s probably surviving on 500 calories worth of lettuce leaves a day that’s going to get the weight dropping off you, not a bloody wonder diet supplement.

Kim has denied the claims but the hCG diet is supposed to be taking the Hollywood glitterati by storm. Not that any of them actually need to lose weight.

Of course, there is no actual evidence that hCG makes any difference at all. The danger is that people will start copying this stupid idea and buying dodgy hCG pills online, in a crazy attempt to lose weight and look like Kim, or whoever. Hint: You won’t, and you won’t.

It just goes to show how screwed up we are around diets and weight loss. I mean, why would Kimmy K even NEED to lose weight, let alone on a dangerous and frankly freaking stupid regime like this? There is NOTHING wrong with her. It’s so depressing.

In my dieting days, the most stupid things I ever tried involved eating stupidly low amounts of calories or trying to exist on Slimfast for days on end. The first type of diet made me pass out every now and again and then binge on junk food; the second diet made me fart copiously. Neither of the side effects were that dangerous, but unpleasant enough to make me stop the silly diets.

I do wonder when women are going to ‘get it’ and realise that dieting actually makes their weight problems worse…

What’s the silliest diet you’ve ever tried?

E x

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