Losing Weight is Easy…

Losing Weight is Easy…

If you’re a rent-a-gob fat hater, that is.

I don’t know. I go away for a little holiday and when I came back, my Facebook news feed, Internet and everything is full up with nonsense about someone I’d really rather not have dominating my thoughts – the odious Katie Hopkins.

At the risk of dragging all that back up again, and in all honesty I think she’s better left under her stone, I thought I’d add my two pennies to the debate about whether she will or won’t lose any weight. Because I think we all know that by hook or by crook, Katie, who deliberately gained four stone just to prove to us fatties how easy it is to lose it, will achieve her goal and give herself even more ammunition to sneer at anyone over a ‘Karen Millen size 10’.

Like most people, I gained weight slowly. I didn’t just decide to eat pork pies and lard sandwiches until I was fat. It’s a chocolate bar here, an extra biscuit there, that day I really had a shitty day and ate everything in the fridge. If you’ve been fat for a long time, years instead of months, it’s biologically harder to lose it. Bodies like status quo. Boffins call it homeostasis and Health at Every Size calls it set point. Basically, your body likes to be left alone, it hates change, and it will fight you tooth and nail to keep the status quo. So the longer you’ve not been able to fit into your Karen Millen size ten dresses (hahahaha) the more tenacious your body will be in resisting your attempts to starve it into submission. It’s quite happy with its size 18, 20,22 actually, and doesn’t need you trying to change things.

Mind-set also comes into it. If you pack on a load of weight deliberately with the intention of losing it all again, your mind will be very matter of fact about it. That’s why actors and actresses gain and lose weight for movie roles; it’s their job. Nobody made a judgement about Renee Zellwegger being lazy and greedy when she beefed up to a *gasp* size 14 to play our beloved Bridget Jones, because we all knew it was for the film. She lost it straight away, because it was her job to be a skinny actress and she wasn’t naturally a size 14. Job done.

Same with Katie. She’s well known, people understand she’s doing all this for a reason. She isn’t greedy, weak-willed or lazy; she’s Katie Hopkins on a mission. So when she decides that the fat has got to come off, she will do it. It’s a job. She’s on her mission, she won’t be thwarted.

Neither woman has had enough time to get into the feeling fat frame of mind. Katie won’t have been brainwashed for years and years into feeling less worthy as a woman than her thin sisters. She won’t have had years of trying to find decent clothes – FatPhrocks hasn’t been around that long – and she won’t have had to battle with diet after punishing diet (and the resulting weight gain) either. For Katie it’s very matter of fact, get on with it. For most women with weight/eating problems, every day feels like a battle, every failed diet a defeat.

All Katie Hopkins is going to prove is just how condescending she will be when she’s lost all her weight. Is it really mean of me to hope she finds it VERY hard?

Yes, you really can get a Katie Hopkins ‘Talking Head’ that says things like "Would I employ you if you were obese? No I would not. You would give the wrong impression to the clients of my business."



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