Plus size holiday panic stations!

I’m going on holiday!

Booked a week in Zante with the girls and I can’t wait, it was a last minute “I’ve had enough of work, get me outta here” decision and I’m looking forward to a week’s reading, resting and R&R in the Greek sunshine very soon.

It does come with its pitfalls though, going on holiday. First, I had to find the dreaded swimwear/bikini. I spent ages looking at plus size websites but the problem with a lot of plus size stuff is that it caters for width and not length so a one piece can be incredible uncomfortable to wear, I think you can imagine why. I did find some specifically tall and plus size swimsuits on the Landsend website but you know what – I think they were more my mum’s style than mine.

I got quite excited about the high and Mighty women’s swimwear range until I realised that their website doesn’t work, Excellent.

If you have a spare 14 business days between the day you order and the day you leave, there are some great Long Torso cozzies on the Swimsuits for All website too. And the size ranges are pretty good so that’s a bonus. But that was no good for me.

Eventually I went for this..

It’s from the Simply Be longer length range at so a bit of a Godsend at £33. They go up to a size 32 and this one comes in lots of colours. There’s a few to choose from if you’re stuck for swimwear!

So, that was all sorted. I’m not even going to go there with the whole ‘beach body’ thing. I have a body – find me a beach to plonk it on and I’ll have a beach body. I’m not having any of this nonsense about only wearing a costume if you’re a perfect size 10. Most of the women I see on the beach on holiday are far from a size ten anyway, and do I care? Do I hell. I’m far too busy reading my book or eyeing up the local man-talent to give a stuff about how anyone else looks in their bikini.

We’re going on a budget airline and that’s not going to be the best part of the trip. Long legs AND big hips don’t usually make for a comfortable trip on a bucket flight, and so I’m bracing myself and just going to have to grit my teeth until we land in Zante. All the leg room seats were taken although I have managed to get one on the end of the row so hopefully I can spread out a bit. Most of my weight is on my bottom half, so for the people who love to complain about being sat next to a fatty, no, I won’t be spilling over into your seat, but I will be uncomfortably squished into a seat that’s too small for an average person, let alone a well-upholstered one.

I’ve only ever needed to ask for a seatbelt extension once – I was mortified. The trip back on the same airline was fine though, and I didn’t need one. I think that the really old planes on cheaper airlines tend to be more likely to need extensions, but I don’t know.

Once I’m there, I’m fully set up for the heat with my trusty sunnies, my sensitive skin sun spray and my absolutely cannot do without holiday spray, the Evian water spray. If it gets too hot in the hotel at night, a few mists of this will cool me down a bit.

When I’m out and about, as a plussie I tend to get a bit of chub rub, especially as my thighs are my biggest, squishiest body part and they get damn hot under there! In the UK it’s fine, I just waltz around in leggings and dresses, it’s not usually that hot. If it is, I will get my legs out in a pair of sexy shorts.

But at night you want to look a bit more elegant, so I’ve invested in the chub rub solutions that everyone is talking about – Big Girl Bloomers. They aren’t sexy but my God they are useful.

Here’s the link:

I haven’t worn them yet but they’ve had some fab reviews by people like Just me, Leah

Who says that you can wear them and forget about them, you don’t notice them and they keep you lovely and cool even when it’s warm outside or you’re doing a lot of walking. I’m thinking these will be great with long dresses, although I hope I don’t completely forget about them if I manage to get lucky with someone on holiday – I’m thinking Bridget Jones and Daniel Cleaver in the Big Pants incident. But if they make life more comfortable, I’m happy!

So, I’m all set…I’ll be writing next week’s blog in advance and I’ll let you know how I got on in Greece in a couple of weeks or so!


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