Breaking the Law….

Breaking the Law….

…the laws of fat fashion that is.

Have you seen that Twitter & Facebook meme about ‘In this heat, dress for the body you have, not the body you want?”

Bollocks to that.

Sorry, but when it’s hot, I’m going to dress in whatever way makes me feel cooler. If that offends your sensibilities, well that’s not my problem. And who decided the rules, anyway? It made me feel naughty, reading that on my Facebook YET again, so I decided to break a few fat girl rules and talk about what I like to wear.

This fat bird loves to be colourful. You won’t get me in a sombre black and grey ensemble – even at a job interview! The days where fat women had to cover everything up in a swathe of dark fabric just to hide their bodies are gone, girlfriends, and as far as I’m concerned, give me some red, orange and purple and I’m rocking that outfit.

The flip side of that rule is the one about ‘embracing your curves’ to the max and showing them off in body con and tight tops. Some curvy girls rock that look and I salute them, but if you’re not comfortable with clingy fabrics and body con, don’t wear it. I’m all about personal choice, me, and while I might sometimes favour a pair of straight legged jeans over a baggy boyfriend jean, there are a lot of big fashionistas who swear off leggings and skinnies. Tall and plus size girls rock their pear shapes and why not make the most of what Mother Nature blessed us with? Some of us wouldn’t wear a really tight top because it feels uncomfortable; however I love to show off my shape in something a bit more form-fitting.

But – and it’s a big start-the-sentence-with-it but…you can wear anything you like. Don’t be pressured into hiding OR covering your curves. It’s up to you, and don’t let anyone else tell you what suits you.

Fat girls are not supposed to wear anything patterned, especially if the pattern is big, bold and bright. Hide in the corner, fat girl, and don’t come out unless you’re inconspicuous! Sod that. I LOVE mixing up patterns, and it’s a bit of a signature look for me, if I have such a thing. I wouldn’t shy away from a loud animal print, spots or even the dreaded stripes. Give me a floral explosion of a dress and I’m in fashion heaven. It’s all good. I truly believe that you should wear clothes that make you feel amazing – nobody says that about a beige cardigan but when you see that dress with parrots on or the tiger print top, if it makes your heart beat a li’l bit faster, just buy it….and then wear it EVERYWHERE.

Stripes – well, they are a bit dull for me and I don’t own anything stripy. If I found a stripy jumper that I just couldn’t resist, I’d snap that baby up though. No fashion editor on a skinny girl magazine is going to tell me what I can and can’t wear, thank you very much.

I don’t do quiet, dainty or mousey. I don’t do ‘dressing to cover my flaws’ – I dress to show off my assets and if that means drawing attention to my magnificent cleavage with a low cut top or a statement necklace, that’s what I’ll do.

Do you stick to the fashion rules, or do you say ‘balls to them’? I dare you to wear something today that breaks the rules…..and tell me about it!

#fashionrules #breaktherules

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