Chubby Chasers!

Chubby Chasers!

Euw. That’s all I can say.

Ok, yes I admit it, I shouldn’t have been on that dating site anyway, I’m a curvy, confident, tall plus size woman with a smile that could stop traffic (maybe I should have put that in my profile?) but the other weekend I was a bit bored, it was raining and I found myself online, signing up for another bout of ritual humiliation via dating site.

I wrote a pretty good description of myself, I thought. I admitted to having ‘a few extra pounds’ and uploaded a picture of me that I really like, where I’m smiling and wearing a really gorgeous maxi dress from FatPhrocks, holding a glass of wine and looking approachable and friendly.

Or so I thought.

I forgot about it after that, because although I spent an afternoon window shopping desirable men, and some of them were actually rather tasty, I ended up going out after all and I was too chicken to contact any of them. So, when the ‘winks’ and messages started to filter through a day or so later, I was quite pleasantly surprised. Some of them were really daft – have any of you been online dating before? You know what I mean when I talk about the serial messagers who basically contact every new woman who appears on the website and says something really incisive like “Hey, u look nice. How u doing?”

I hate text speak, and I hate a lack of effort, so to be honest I don’t often respond to them. I like a bit of a cheeky message, some wit, a man who makes it clear he’s actually looked at and read my profile.

Then, I heard from HIM.

At first he sounded quite nice, he didn’t write in text speak, he’d seen my profile and asked about my day, my job, what I was doing at the weekend. Then after a couple of messages he asked me this.

“So, how big are you?”

Charming! I skirted around the subject, sorely tempted to ask him about a couple of his own vital statistics but thinking better of it.

He then added, “Do you like to eat?”

What a bloody stupid question. No, I’m clearly off my food. Was he angling to ask me out for a meal? I suppose he could have been, but I was starting to get a bit uneasy about the whole thing to be honest.

I replied, saying that I was open to an invite for dinner, I enjoyed my food as much as the next woman, but that I was getting the impression that he wasn’t talking about that. His response to that was:

“I like women to eat. I love to buy my girl anything she wants to eat and watch her eating, it’s so sensual and seductive. The bigger the better, I love soft curves and lots of fat that I can lose myself in….”

I won’t tell you the rest of what he said, or what I replied. Suffice to say, I don’t want to go on a date with him now, and I don’t think he likes me anymore.

It made me so mad. Feeders and chubby chasers, is that all I can get? Oh well, at least I got some blog mileage out of it. I have to confess, I sulked all night though. Why me? Why do I attract the weirdos?

Have any of you had any weird experiences with chubby chasers and weird men on dating sites? Please tell me about them here, so I don’t feel so alone!

E x

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