Accessorise, darling

It’s all very well finding the perfect plus size dress or outfit to wear to the ball, Cinders, but if you haven’t got spot on accessories, it can feel as if your look is seriously missing something important. And it is!

Being a plussie, I know I like to go for big and bold accessories. There are some amazing designs on the high street at the moment, the autumn ranges have hot the shops and I just adore a lot of them.

I’m currently coveting this gorgeous floral necklace from New Look, which ticks all my boxes and goes so well with the muted autumn colours that are creeping into my wardrobe at the moment (well, it has been bloody cold.)

I also ADORE this beeeyoootiful necklace from Simply Be, which I think has already sold out, but looks absolutely fabulous with a plain black dress. They have some great stuff on the site at the moment, bold as brass chunky and sparkly accessories that go with anything.

Chunky accessories just seem to add a hit of va va voom, I don’t know about you but I always feel a bit underdressed in teeny tiny pendants and honey, I am NOT a stud kinda girl, it’s hoops or sparkly things or nude as far as my ear lobes are concerned.

I don’t wear bangles and bracelets too much, mainly because they get in the way, but I do have a certain amount of love for this one, also from Simply Be…

Big, bold, attention seeking and gorgeous, that’s the type of thing I like, and the type of girl I am.

I got the opportunity to have a look at some of this season’s jewellery from House of Fraser recently, and being a bit of a magpie, I jumped at the chance. I was sent a couple of bits from their collection. One of which I thought would look amazing with the FatPhrocks Alexia dress by Russian designer Ievlia Chewalli because it was a little skull, and the dress has really clever skull motifs woven through it.

Trouble was, the necklace was so tiny when it arrived that it was almost not worth wearing it.

I also tried a pretty daisy set from Julie Dodsworth at House of Fraser but it also just seemed too….dainty. I think it would be perfect for a little girl, or a smaller woman, but the pendant just gets lost in my cleavage and seems a little bit lonely there really.

Oh well.

Where do you get your accessories from? Do you like big and bold, or do you prefer understated and elegant? I’d love to know!

E x

#accessories #chunkyjewellery

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