5 Ways to get Beach Ready

5 Ways to get Beach Ready

Ah, so you knew this wasn’t going to involve juicing a shit-tonne of raw veggies and taking a HIIT class, didn’t you?

Here’s my take on the ‘bikini body’ instructions we’re all being bombarded with in our news feeds at the moment. Grab yourself a cuppa, sit down, and prepare to be fully ready for the beach by the time you get to the end of this post…

  • Buy a Swimming Costume …or a Bikini.

These items send shivers down the spine of a plus size fashionista but let’s face it, they do come in quite useful if you fancy going for a swim. There are some fab tall and plus size fashion options for both if you look around at the moment, and although Evans, Simply Be, ASOS Curve and Next all have a decent selection, I love this gorgeous retro print tankini from Curvissa very much. Very Mad Men series six, don’t you think?

ASOS Curve has a great range too, and I’m hankering after the gorgeous watermelon bikini (available up to a size 28).

  • Buy a Hat.

Never underestimate the importance of a good hat for lounging on a beach. Just think; if you’ve arrived at the beach only to find that pain in the arse families who’ve been up since six have nicked all the best spots and the loungers with sun shades are all gone, even if you’ve covered up in Factor 50 you’ll still need to keep the sun off of your head.

I get steaming migraines if I have too much direct sunlight on my head so a fabulous hat is a must. I’m thinking of this one from Urban Outfitters; I LOVE it. I’m seeing it with the retro tankini right now…

  • Get a good pair of sun glasses

I bought mine last year (also from Urban Outfitters) and I won’t be parted from them, they are black with flowers around the frame and so kitsch that I fell in love with them straight away. For a fabulous range of sunnies that won’t break the bank, you could check out Debenhams, who are always good.

I did find these for a cool £845 from D&G;

Or if you’re not feeling quite so flush, you could always splash out on some slightly less expensive ASOS silver embellished sunnies for a much more my budget… £18.

  • Remember your sun screen.

There are some rules I’ll happily break; wearing big floral patterns, wearing a bikini when I’m a fat girl, horizontal stripes and sticking to no more than three units a day. But this one, I never ever break.


Such a big deal that Baz Luhrmann wrote a song about it, I cover myself in the stuff even though it makes my skin a bit itchy after a while. I like the sensitive skin brands, and if I can get a spray rather than a lotion I’m a happy girl.

It’s a health thing; I hate burning and I don’t like getting my gorgeous but delicate fair skin all red and nasty. Sun burn ruins your holiday. Not only that, but you can always tell sun worshippers once they hit 40, their décolletage gets all crepey and it’s SO ageing, darlings. Just slather it on, and tell yourself that tans are for TOWIE…

  • Watch this awesome video from Betty Pamper

I want Betty to be my new BFF. She’s awesome, she wears fabulous clothes, she has an adorable pug puppy, her attitude is just spot on and you SHOULD subscribe to her blog and YouTube channel right now. This is one of the best bikini ready body image videos I’ve seen and you know what else? It features a cat in a bikini. What’s not to love?


Video embed code: <iframe width="640" height="390" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/M-DxwBMfwig" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-DxwBMfwig

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