Do plus sized women deserve nice clothes?

Do plus sized women deserve nice clothes?

I was going to write a nice post this week, rather than a rant, but something happened today that really got me thinking.

I was over on the FatPhrocks Facebook Page when I noticed a comment from a reformed fatty. There was a post about Melissa McCarthy’s plans to launch her own plus size fashion range, after struggling to find a decent dress, which was pretty innocuous really…until a woman waded in to say that she was, “ disappointed to say the least that this display of obesity is being applauded” and went on to call it “disturbing” – adding that she’d been a size 22/24 at one point but the lack of clothes in her size made her realise it wasn’t OK to be fat, and she was now a size 14/16.

Well, bully for her!

There was a good old argument about it on the page, with FatPhrocks making the point that they weren’t there to make a moral judgement on the rights and wrongs of obesity, but to sell nice clothes to plus sized women! Even so, the reformed fatty carried on lambasting FatPhrocks for encouraging fat women to accept themselves, and suggested that they contributed to the ‘problem’ by helping larger women feel good about themselves in fashionable plus size dresses!

Bull crap.

I know for a fact that no woman has ever looked at plus size clothes and thought “I really like that dress, I think I’ll put on weight so it fits me.” We’re force fed the obesity is morally wrong message from everywhere, constantly, and plus size women are made to feel inferior just because they don’t have the famous thigh gap. Making women feel bad about themselves has never ever worked in the so-called war on obesity, and if it did, there wouldn’t be any fat people left.

Surely, forcing women to wear ugly, unfashionable clothes until they are a size that whoever decides these things deems to be socially acceptable will just make the problem worse, if it was even justifiable? I know that when I was younger, if I was looking for an outfit and couldn’t find anything as it was all too small or nothing available in my size, it was more likely to make me turn to the Maltesers than it was to make me sign up for a slimming club or another round of Slim Fast shakes. The truth is that a LOT of plus size women have terrible self-image as it is, constantly being bullied by the media into trying to get thin (when most of the time, they can’t) and struggling to find half decent clothes to wear.

We need places like FatPhrocks to redress that balance, to offer a real choice to plus size, tall women who want to look gorgeous as they are now, not at some mythical point in the future. Why should fat women be made to feel unworthy of lovely fashionable clothes? Are we lesser human beings? Are we not entitled to have something just for us?

Check out the discussion on the FatPhrocks Facebook Page or, even better, leave your comments here and we can have a good old rant….


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