Wedding Weight Loss Madness

No, don’t get excited, I’m not getting married! It’s just a subject that’s cropped up among my friends just lately, as one of them is getting married this summer and she’s going through the usual palaver of trying to get a plus size wedding dress to fit and flatter.

It’s funny; she’s a bit like me, happy with being curvy and also deliriously happy with her gorgeous, besotted man. You wouldn’t think that she was allowed to be happy in her own skin though, the amount of times she’s been asked if she intends to lose weight for her ‘big day’.

Why do we have to assume that as soon as the sparkly diamond slips onto the finger, the race to shed as much of our body weight as possible is on? I’ll be honest, a few years ago I did succumb to bridesmaid stress, probably because the bridge and the other two bridesmaids were slim (and dieting) and I was the only one left having to pay more for her dress on the grounds of not being a standard size.

I didn’t lose anything on my panic diet though and I ended up having to pay extra, so I wasn’t impressed.

Still, my friend is quite happy with her size, and her fiancé is clearly loved up too, so why is everyone asking her if she wants to give him LESS of herself on their wedding day? The sales lady in the bridal shop where she ordered the dress was very discreet about it, tip toeing around the subject but making a point of mentioning that there was a finite amount of times they could alter the dress for free, and if there were and ‘significant changes’ that needed alteration, they’d have to charge for them.

Other people have just come right out and asked her if she’s going to lose weight. I think it’s bloody rude, to be honest. But then, there are so many neurotic brides to be who are desperately trying to shoehorn themselves into a dress that’s probably going to be too small for them unless they shift a fair amount of body weight, so I guess it’s a reasonable assumption to make…

The only people who make anything out of the whole ‘lose weight for your wedding’ crap are, of course, the diet companies. Not to mention the wedding dressmakers who are called on for alterations every time another half a stone drops off.

Isn’t it also a bit sad that your beloved asks you to marry him, so you can reasonably assume he loves you JUST as you are, but then the first thing you do is try and change yourself to fit in with what someone ELSE thinks is acceptable?

Stay strong, plus size brides to be. And by the way, if you’re looking for beautiful tall and plus size wedding outfits, for guests rather than the bride, check out the gorgeous maxi dresses on the FatPhrocks site.

Did you lose weight for your wedding? If you’re engaged, are you dieting now? Tell us all about it in the comments below…

E x

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