Fat myth #101 – Nobody loves a fat bird

Fat myth #101 – Nobody loves a fat bird

This meme has been doing the rounds on social media this week, and it’s understandably got right up my nose.

Basically, what the oh-so clever originator of this meme is saying is that by virtue of being fat, this woman doesn’t deserve to be loved, and by virtue, we assume, of NOT being fat, the originator DOES.

It’s offensive and wrong on so many levels. Not to mention completely short-sighted and oblivious of real life, and real relationships.

Clearly, the fat lady is with a lovely man who cares about her. Good for her! Lots of big men and women are in happy relationships, with people who (shock horror) don’t always have to be fat too. I lose count of the number of fat men I see with slim wives or girlfriends, and vice versa. Gay couples too, let’s not be homophobic. Since when is it the law that slim people must not date or fall in love with anyone other than slim partners?

The originator of this pathetic piece of internet imagery also assumes that her character is intrinsically better than that of the fat woman, just because she’s not fat. I’d beg to differ straight away just based on the fact that I very much doubt the fat lady spends her time surreptitiously taking pictures of people she thinks aren’t as good as her, adding snarky comments and posting them on the internet.

Perhaps the person who came up with this hilarious meme is actually a bitch? Maybe people generally don’t like her, or her sense of entitlement, and don’t want to text her back. One date with a self-obsessed mean girl is probably quite enough for most people.

Perhaps she is putting people off with her superiority complex? Maybe she’s incredibly dull? Perhaps their first date was just so awful that the guy she went on the date with just couldn’t bring himself to contact her again and deleted her from his address book?

I can think of a whole list of reasons why a mean-spirited person like this might not get a second date. Or even a text after the first. I can pretty much guarantee that being slim (or fat) won’t be one of them, though.

The assumption that fat people don’t deserve love is one that could potentially put a lot of bigger men and women off dating. The thought of being rejected on the basis of their body size can be paralysing, and stops a lot of people from finding the love they deserve. Thankfully, it’s never stopped me putting myself out there, I’ve had some great relationships with men of different sizes and if the relationships haven’t worked out, it’s not been my size, or how I feel about my size, that’s put people off me. Or, as some people might ‘hilariously’ suggest, me stealing their food when we’re out to dinner.

It’s people who have nothing better to do with their sad little lives than make up hurtful, pathetic and downright nasty memes like this who are the ones undeserving of love. I wonder if anyone’s texted her back yet….


#fatmyth #fatshaming #love

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