Angry Bird

Sometimes a TV show or something I read gets me all fired up and militant, and this week it was ‘Secret Eaters’.

What a pile of crap.

To those who haven’t had the pleasure of watching, Secret Eaters is based around the idea that fat people are so bloody stupid that they forget what they are eating, even when they’re asked to write it down in a diary and they know damn well they have secret cameras watching them.

According to the website, it’s a “ground breaking series about the psychology and science of eating which scrutinises the eating habits of overweight families by putting them under 24-hour camera surveillance.”

The whole things is set up to take the piss out of fatties. They have ‘private investigators’ watching the participants at the shop, out with mates or at work as well as in their own homes. They sneak up afterwards and reprimand them for eating something they didn’t write down. After the cameras have been on the victims for a few days, they are forced to watch themselves scoffing contraband goodies which weren’t on their list of things they’d eaten, and tut-tutted at by the oh-so-friendly Anna Richardson, who must really have food issues because I swear she pops up in every diet-related show there is on TV, patronising the audience with her “I’m not fat and you are” face.

So anyway. The one I saw was only left on because someone else in the house was watching it (naming no names, that’s a story I haven’t told you yet) and he was shouting at the telly, which was greatly amusing me. Until I saw what he was watching. I gave up watching the fat hate shows years ago when I realised they just seemed to make me feel really crappy about myself. So I watched this one with a sense of detached amusement as I’d never seen it before.

Pissed off isn’t the half of it. It’s just another excuse for fat-shaming, as if we don’t have enough of that already. The Scottish couple seemed really nice, she was fed up with wearing plus size clothes and needed to lose a few stone (she was told) and they’d been together a while. They were made out to be really thick though. They supposedly kept a food diary but managed to forget that one night they’d gone out and bought a hoagie. I had no idea what one of those was, either, until I saw it; it’s a freaking enormous sandwich full of meat and chips. It was huge. You wouldn’t forget that in a hurry, especially as they ate it late at night, guaranteed to give you a HUGE dose of acid reflux.

It’s so obviously set up. If I knew a camera was on me 24/7 I’d be hyper-aware of what I ate, especially if I knew I was going to be pulled to pieces by Little Miss Perfect afterwards on the telly. Come on. The plus size people taking part are clearly desperate to lose weight and sold the idea of appearing on the show as a way to do that, with the help of the programme’s ‘healthy eating plan’ naturally.

Just another perpetuation of the myth that fat people are stupid, too thick to remember what they’re eating, too gluttonous to even stay off the lard sandwiches when they know they are going to be on TV, pointed at and criticised by people who wouldn’t know what goes on in the mind of a fat person in a million years.

What a pile of crap. Ground breaking my arse.


#secreteaters #angrybird #overeaters

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