Why FatPhrocks?

I’ve had a few of my mates ask me just lately why I agreed to become FatPhrocks’ new blogger. After all, I don’t know if the bosses at work would approve and I’ve been a bit, well, candid so far.

It’s because I bought one of their dresses and I bloody love it. That’s really all there is to it. Last year, I was on the lookout for a really elegant frock. Yeah, I know, me, elegant? I really struggled. I can normally get hold of jeans with long legs, which is just as bloody well as I live in them. I struggle with leggings and most of them look a bit like a cropped fit, but I can kind of get away with it in the spring and summer, and in winter I wear boots over the top and I hide them.

But dresses? Finding a tall, plus size dress was almost impossible, and one day I was actually in tears in a well-known high street plus size shop, having found a gorgeous dress in my size, supposed to be a maxi, but in fact swaying around my calves in a way that made me look like I’d been raiding my mum’s dressing up box. At 27.

I’m normally pretty confident and sassy, don’t give e crap about the media and what people think of my ample boobs and bum, but that day I’d had enough. I had a week to find a dress for a cocktail party, it was a mate’s engagement do and between you and me I really fancied one of the groom-to-be’s mates, and I did end up having a bit of a fling with him for a while, but that’s another story.

Anyway, I got home that Saturday and just put every single variation of plus size tall, tall plus size dresses, tall plus size maxi dresses….all into Google. I found some horrors! But after a few pages of almost there’s and not in a million years frumpy fright frocks, I found FatPhrocks. And I fell head over heels in love with Soir. A vision in cerise with the long, elegant, flowing line that I wanted. And it was specially made for tall girls! Result.

I loved that dress so much.

I ordered it on sight and I was still stressing that it wouldn’t fit properly until it arrived. I thought it was too good to be true. But when I tried it on, it felt so freaking gorgeous against my skin, skimmed everywhere it needed to skim, and most importantly it didn’t flap around my ankles, it was even a teensy bit longer than I needed it to be. Which I obviously rectified by investing in higher heels. My feet didn’t thank me for that, and neither did my bank manager, but I looked fantastic.

I did get a bit of male attention too – Soir really does show off the old cleavage to full effect and there were men at that party who almost had their heads in there. Well, I am taller than a lot of them!

So that was the start of my love affair with FatPhrocks. I hear that talented designer Michelle is on a mission to design more of the maxis and dresses at the moment, so watch this space; I think I might have to write about them, too. I’ll tell you what happened with the groom’s mate some other time….*enigmatic smile*

#fatphrocks #tallplussizeeveningdress

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