The Good Fatty

I’ve heard the phrase, “the good fatty” quite a lot just lately, and it’s one of those weird phenomena that it’s hard to get my little head around.

So, what’s a ‘good fatty’?

Well, basically, you can call yourself a good fatty if you are fit and healthy and eat healthily most of the time. If you’re one of those women (or men, let’s not be sexist) that goes to the gym, runs or swims regularly, can boast a tip top on the dot blood pressure, is never ill and swear blind that you only eat chocolate on special occasions. In my case that would be a day that ends in a ‘y’.

It sounds reasonable enough – most of us tall, plus size gorgeous girls are right on it with the fitness, and we love to tell the world how healthy we are. And put it on Facebook when we have a ‘delicious salad’ for lunch. Except me. I don’t give a toss whether my plus size compadres are healthy or not, and in all honesty, quite apart from the fact that it’s nobody else’s damn business anyway, neither do the people who they are trying to impress.

Y’see, being fat and being slagged off for it isn’t about our blood pressure, our liver function or how fast we can run in shoes without a wedge hell. No, it’s about what we look like. People don’t like looking at fatties, and the only reason they can come up with for being so mean about chubsters is that “We are worried about your health.


They don’t care at all if you’re healthy, they just take one look at anyone over a size ten and assume you’re a lard scoffing pie-hound who hasn’t seen a bowl of salad this side of the millennium. It’s all very well defending yourself with the gym bunny protestations, darlin’ but it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference, no fat hater ever changed their mind about whether it was OK to be fat based on whether you can kick the skinny girls’ arses at Body Pump classes, they just judge you based on whether you can fit into anything in Top Shop and if the answer is no, you’re not in their gang. It doesn’t matter whether a fat woman is big because she is tall, dresses beautifully or helps old ladies cross the road; she will still be a bad person.

Don’t bother defending yourself with the list of reasons as to why you’re a good fatty. You’re perfectly entitled to be whatever size you like, and to never ever set foot in the gym as long as you live. If you want to look after your health, eat right, exercise and feel great, that’s brilliant, and you should do it just because it makes you feel good. But don’t feel you have to on anyone else’s account, OK?

E x

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