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Save the date, Invitations or night out?

Girls night out or date night.

For a perfect girl's night out or date night comfort and confidence is key. Here, more than in any other situation, use the "balance" rule. Wearing a knee length dress? How about a heel, or a piece of statement jewellery? Got to be a full length dress? Make it a casual one, throw on flats or a low-key denim jacket.. I am a great believer in print dresses, it takes out a lot of the guesswork. For dinner dates, as a rule, I'd say avoid trainers. Carry a grown-up purse. Don't wear silk as spills can happen! Make sure your clothes allow you to eat and dance should you wish.

Some people love and relish dressing for an occasion, for some, it's a stressful necessary evil, I hope I can make it a little easier and something to look forward to, read the suggestions below and take on board what you choose to. Most of us sit somewhere between wanting to look attractive but not trying too hard, hoping to balance expectation with excitement. Here's what I can tell you for sure: Underwear should not be overlooked, by this I don't mean remember to wear some, rather consider the colour and if it will show through, the support it gives regards sucking in and pushing up, and these must be tried on with the dress before the day of the occasion to avert a lumps and bumps panic last minute. I tend to opt for thigh length tumy tuckers and a balcony bra and these two pieces work well with all dresses except skin tight. Please ensure whatever underwear you choose that you are comfortable, able to sit, walk and eat in them - Victorian sytle fainting is no longer in vogue.


A dress is undeniably feminine and our range caters for the taller plus size wearing woman, if you are shorter then don't worry - if our dress has a plain hem you can get the dress taken up locally with ease. Wingz are 'the best thing since sliced bread' if you have arm concerns or if you don't want to cover up your stunning dress with a cardigan. Wingz are much more female flush friendly than a warm shrug as they do not cover the front or back of your body, this design also means you can wear them with most neck or back lines. Wingz are so small you can just pop them in your clutch bag too.


When the day of your event arrives you will be in good stead if your nails, feet and hair are all in check, these are the three things that other women tend to assess after your dress and face. When it comes to dressing, turn up the music and give yourself plenty of time, I know when I rush it is the time when I end up with make up on my dress, hair I'm not happy with and a sweaty face, so please keep it is chilled as possible. Then before you head out: Play a mood and confidence boosting feel good song, my personal favourite is Stevie Wonders Part time lover, I then strut my stuff with his words 'whoo here she comes, watch out boys she'll eat you up' in my mind and it makes me laugh and a smile truly makes any outfit.x

If you would like any further help on deciding on your outfit or about any of our garments you can always ask us on twitter, facebook, email or via our blog.


Formal dinner or cruise.

When it comes to a formal dinner or cruise there is an etiquette to consider on top of the washability of the dress. The old legs or cleavege rule comes into or the other..not both. And here, more than anywhere else, do the sit-down test. I cannot stress this enough. The cleavage is totally different than when you're standing. Mix a long evening dress with contrasting shoes, or a bag. This looks confident and fashion-y and people will assume you know what you're doing. Black is always a chic and sexy colour and you can play with your jewellery and accesories to suit.

Garden party or wedding.

A garden party and wedding are often inside and outside during the same event, so you need something beautiful, easy to wear and allows you to adapt to the change in temprature. Rule of thumb..go for flat shoes or a low heel as these events can be long and aching feet will bring a grimace not a smile when asked by a hunk to dance.

Our Wingz work really well popped in your handbag so you can change the look of your dress from the day to night and will keep off the night chills or visa versa if it's an outdoor day do and inside night party. I would consider head wear to be a priority, big hats are great however they equal flat hair, so keep that in mind. A tiny fascinator can look a little odd on a tall curvy girl. So why not try a large flower/s, sparkly/metallic head band or hair scarf either across the forehead or further back on the hair. And remember..there will be photographic evidence of this day x

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