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Betty Pamper...

"I've a mouth as big as my bottom and I sometimes need to share mythoughts.Make a cup of tea, get comfortable and lets put the world to rights.

Don't let the name Wingz fool you these aren't a new sanitary pad they are sleeves which you can add to any clothes without them. I was slightly skeptical as to how they would work but I am absolutely taken with them.

In a nutshell they are almost like a bra without cups so a strap with sleeves attached sits under the bust and you put the sleeves on and voile, instant bingo wing cover. They are £15.99 and come in all different colours and materials so if you sick of having to put cardigans over half your dress collection well worth checking out.

I have two pairs in the size 2 and they were very comfortable and well fitted. I have a lace pair as well which I will also try out but I think this black pair will be getting so much use."

Miss Katheryn Miss Takes Wingz

'I've often battled with the idea of wingz. No, not the McCartney band. But the sleeves you can slip on under a sleeveless dress and cover up your arms.' 

Client Testimonials

By far the best!

I'm so glad I found you Fatphrocks! At last I can buy a floor touching Maxi that is beautiful AND FITS ME! I only ordered with standard delivery and still my darling dress was here within two days, thank you. I discovered through your facebook site that each dress is made in only a short run, I'm happy there is NO chance of me walking into a room and the only other tall plus size girl there is wearing the same as me..Phew!


-Carol Waller

Love my Wingz and Dress...

I'm I have just received the blue dress and Wingz I recently ordered and am delighted with them. I must admit I was somewhat sceptical about the whole concept of the Wingz, however they work perfectly and I now have two completely different looks to choose from. I am 5' 9" and sometimes struggle to find a true floor length dress, but this dress is certainly plenty long enough. Thank you for your excellent, efficient service. Kind regards,

-Nora Sopworth

I couldn't be more pleased

I wore your dress to get married in at the end of August. I felt fantastic, girly and special! It was so comfortable and the fit was great. I would recommend your dresses to anyone, especially us girls that need a little more material in our clothes!

-Anna Beltridge

Absolutely beautiful

I just wanted to drop you a wee message to say what a wonderful idea your Wingz range is.

It's an utterly genius idea. I only wish their had been these types of things around when I was a shy over weight teenager.

I very much look forward to receiving more Wingz in due course and can't wait to start teaming them up with my various outfits that will benefit from its addition to my wardrobe.


Overseas Customers
Lighter Life Magazine 
Amoena Magazine 


Fed up with constantly trying to cover your arms or walking past racks of clothes that ‘just won’t work’ anymore because they’re sleeveless? If that sounds familiar, we’ve got some good news for you. It’s time to ditch your hot shrugs and stuffy cardigans and liberate your wardrobe with Wingz! Cool and comfortable, because they don’t add another layer of clothing, Wingz are sleeves that slip under any outfit and stay in place thanks to a gently elasticated under-bust band. Available in a range of styles, colours and sizes – see the full range and buy online at and"

The Big Girl Blog 
'How to be Chic & Elegant' Best Seller 

Wingz have a section in Amazon Best Selling Book 'How to be Chic&Elegant' by Marie-Anne Lecoeur

FatPhRocks listed in Top 16 Plussize and Tall retailers Worldwide!

Featured in 'The Ramblings of Mrs BeBe'
Amoena Magazine
Chat Magazine 
Rothwell Record
Chat Magazine 

Cassie Hubbard: Wingz Alright... Just got my order and tried them on... WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE? Do you know how many hours of deciding what to wear to not show off my arms this will save?? They are awesome.. Super comfy... And stretchy.. I have wide shoulders and they fit across them well.. They look great underneath a shirt..thanks so much! And super fast shipping too! Calgary, Alberta.

More impressive were husband and wife team Steve and Michelle Ellis, looking for investment to grow sales of their Wings shoulder-wrap-cardigan-thingy accessory. Although clearly passionate and articulate about the benefits of their product, neither successfully convinced the Dragons that their market opportunity was large enough to justify external investment. Wisely, the Dragons advised them instead to press on anyway, using e-commerce to help build a healthy but niche business.

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